ADHD Course 7: The Importance of Emotion in ADHD

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Emotion in ADHD has been misunderstood by many. Dr. Barkley presents evidence for why we should not ignore emotional dysregulation in ADHD and how it may impact treatment. This is a very important and useful course.

Participants will be able to describe the nature of emotion and emotional self-regulation. Participants will be able to discuss the 7 lines of evidence for the important role of emotional impulsiveness and deficient emotional self-regulation in the core symptoms of ADHD. Participants will be able to summarize the results of research on the impact of poor emotion regulation in ADHD on various domains of functioning in children followed to adulthood and adults with ADHD.Participants will be able to discuss the implications of these findings for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

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Course Outline

The Current Clinical View of ADHD
Emotional Self-Regulation
Gross' Process Model of Emotion
Two Stage Model of Human Emotion
Why Make EI/DESR A Core Feature of ADHD? EI/DESR and the Neuroanatomy of ADHD
The 4 Factor Model of Defiance
Emotional Dysregulation, ADHD and ODD
Treatment Implications

Invite Russell Barkley, Ph.D. in to your living room or office for hours and hours to bring you up to date on the current science and best practices in working with both children and adults with ADHD. Learn how the DSM-IV is not always supported and the new directions the field is proceeding towards with DSM-5.

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