ADHD Course 3- Part II: Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation as an Extended Phenotype

2 and 1/2 CE credits for $49 for watching a video of a PowerPoint narrated by Russell Barkley, Ph.D. It was recorded in April, 2011.

In this course Dr. Barkley challenges what you know about psychometric tests for ADHD and impairment rating scales. Dr. Barkley presents advanced thinking on ADHD including a preview of information from his upcoming new book on executive functioning (EF). Participants will be able to describe the limitations of EF tests; list components of EF and describe the nature of EF.

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Course Outline

Defining Executive Functioning
The Current Paradox in Research on EF
The Psychometric Approach to Assessing EF
Rating Scales of EF
Group Differences in EF Scales
Which Approach to measuring EF is valid?
How to understand the paradox
What is the extended phenotype?
Building an extended phenotype of executive functioning
Understanding EF disorders
Implications for Assessment
Implications for Treatment

Invite Russell Barkley, Ph.D. in to your living room or office for hours and hours to bring you up to date on the current science and best practices in working with both children and adults with ADHD. Learn how the DSM-IV is not always supported and the new directions the field is proceeding towards with DSM-5.

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